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The origins of health resort in Nałęczów go back to the late eighteenth century, when Antoni Malachowski, a member of the family of the owners of local goods was treated against podagra, a frequently disease at that time. Confirmed, beneficial effects of Nałęczów water resulted in spontaneous visits of a continuously growing number of patients. The Malachowskis Palace quickly becomes too restricted and small. In order to meet the needs the Małachowskis built the first professional therapeutic facility - the current Old Baths (Polish: Stare Łazienki). The therapeutic effects of the water from Nałęczów springs were confirmed in 1817 by a chemical analysis performed by Piotr Celiński, a Professor of the Warsaw University.

XIX century brings numerous vicissitudes to the Nałęczów resort- the fall in the frequency of uprisings, the development of non-treatment activities, which allowed the resort to survive, and finally its rebirth and flourishing.

In 1878 the doctors - Sybiraks founded a company, which acting dynamically over the next decades, transformed Nałęczów into the most popular health resort in the Congress Kingdom. It was in this Golden Age, when Nałęczów became in the summer months, the centre of the intellectual life of the nation, hosting many distinguished guests with such Polish writers like Prus, Żeromski and Sienkiewicz, who featured Nałęczów in their work.

The resort enriched by the new facility - the current sanatorium of Prince Joseph, SPA Park - extended and planted with unique vegetation when applying the principles of phytotherapy.

Both world wars brought a break in the medical activity, but the resort was reborn every time. Since 1950, as a state company, it intensively expanded treatment , medical and residential facilities. During the next years a Cardiology Hospital and a Fortunat Sanatorium were founded, where the latest equipment and spa treatments were introduced.

Privatization was a new opportunity for development of the State Enterprise "Nałęczów Health Resort". In 2005 the company reverted to the traditional name of "The Therapy Institution" introducing modern management and paving the way for the development of other Polish spas thanks to the development of services in the SPA formula, referring, at the same time, to the sources of Nałęczów hydrotherapy.

Currently, the Nałęczów Health Resort drawing from its two hundred years' of tradition and broad knowledge, by using the unique advantages of the Nałęczów climate, offers services in the range of sanatorium, SPA and Medical SPA treatments. A varied range of accommodation, more than a hundred of treatments to choose from, modern facilities, excellent and qualified staff and the possibility to benefit from various forms of financing the stay make it worth coming to us.

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